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8 Reasons Why Not

1) The Community was unanimous in rejecting the blanket zoning proposal in September, which was put forward without any plans, diagrams or description.

video of the Sept. District Meeting:

2) No additional information has been provided since, either to the Community or to Planning.

3) District One has not had a Council District community meeting about this issue since September and there's been no further attempt to engage. Our last official District Council Meeting was in October and that was announced just 1 day prior. We are having a crisis of representation and consequently engagement.

4) If there was any intent to engage the community, it would have happened by now.

5) The Planning Commission was unanimous in disapproving this application on 2/10.

Video of Commission Deliberations:

6) Commissioner Jones said, "There is an encyclopedia of problem soils, steep slopes and Conservation Policy" on most of the property. Again, the developer has provided NO details about the proposed development. CM Hall still wants you to pass this blanket rezoning, though.

Commissioner Jones' comments:

7) Council Member Withers expressed doubts about the infrastructure, safety, and even density by right ("even by right, higher than I would be comfortable with") of the proposal and called the Blanket Rezoning a "bad idea"

CouncilMembers Wither's comments:

8) CouncilMember Withers points out that this part of District One wants to stay rural and that this is widely known.

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