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{UPDATE} Mass Housing On Cato Rd might be decided on March 1. Please Act Now.

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

UPDATE 3: Talking points for emails to

PLEASE take a moment right now to send a quick email to subject: "Please disapprove BL2022-1067 on second reading". Please Include your name and address.

Emailing your council person directly is even better if you already have a relationship with them.

Talking points:

- completely contrary to existing Land Use Policy for the property (Agricultural zoning, Rural Maintenance Policy)

- unanimously rejected by the community in September meeting

- unanimously disapproved by Planning Commission on 2/10 citing "an encylopedia of problem soils, steep slopes and Conservation Policy"

- no attempts to engage the public or provide further details to Planning since September.

- D1 hasn't had a District Council meeting since October.

Public Hearing is on 3/1, so please do this today!

UPDATE 2: The Planning Commission on 2/10 voted unanimously to disapprove the rezoning request, citing "an encyclopedia of problem soils, steep slopes, and Conservation Policy" as well safety concerns and a breakdown in community engagement.

The Council is having 2nd reading and public hearing on Tuesday, March 1 at 630p at the Courthouse. PLEASE send an email NOW to citing BL2022-1067 in the subject line. AND please plan to attend the meeting. It will likely be the last opportunity for our voices to be heard.

We're being told the Council will frequently allow legislation to pass 2nd reading to give the applicant time to address community concerns. Given that there's been no plan provided since day 1, and no regular District meetings since October, if there was intent to engage the community, it would have happened by now.

UPDATE: At the District One Stakeholder's meeting, CM Hall, promised to defer the legislation before hearing. This pushes the matter to the Planning Commission on 2/10, 4pm. Please come for public comment. And please send emails.

IN BRIEF: A proposal to put high-density apartment housing on land zoned AR2A was rejected by the community at the District One meeting in July. Planning Staff recommended disapproval, and the proposal was indefinitely deferred by Planning Commission in September. On January 4, Council Member Hall introduced fast-track legislation to rezone this property to RM4, effectively bypassing MPC review process. Second Reading and public hearing is on February 1.

WHAT WE WANT: Adequate public input on a zoning change that is entirely out of line with the Community Character Manual for this neighborhood which designates it at T2-Rural Maintenance with Conservation Overlays.


1) Please immediately Email ALL Council Members ( asking to disapprove BL2022-1067.

Reference the bill number in the subject line and please cc or bcc

2) Plan to attend the Council Meeting on March 1. Note: it's highly likely these will be deferred to thin out opposition.


At the September 2 District One meeting, the community overwhelmingly opposed the proposal to put 1200 apartments on 292 acres of land currently zoned AR2A.


The Planning Staff recommended disapproval of this for a long list of good reasons (this item starts on p. 81). In September, the MPC "indefinitely deferred" the proposal.

This property is currently zoned AR2A, and has a Community Character Manual designation of T2-Rural Maintenance with Conservation Overlay.

On January 4, Council Member Hall introduced rezoning legislation to fast-track this development, bypassing Metro Planning Commission review. This legislation passed first reading on 1/4, was deferred in February, and has second reading and public comment on 3/1.

Assuming it passes 2nd reading, a 3rd and final reading will be held in March and the deal will be done.

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