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9/9 Metro Planning Commission Outcome

The Metro Planning Commission on September 9, voted to "defer indefinitely" the RM-4 Rezoning application on Cato Rd. This does not mean the project is over. It's just shelved for the time-being until the applicant requests it be re-considered. At that point, the applicant will have to notify neighbors, there will be community meetings, etc.. You can watch the MPC vote to defer indefinitely right here.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in, showed up, said something, asked and answered questions. And thanks to the Friends of Whites Creek who gave me a crash course on the zoning process (they were successful in getting a 220-unit development disapproved after 4 years) and the Nashville Tree Conservation Corps for helping rally and write!

If you want to stay informed of (or report) any zoning changes in our area, please write or check here.

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