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Upcoming in January 2022

Happy Holidays! Hope you're enjoying yours, and here's to a Happy New Year!

Waste Management Facility Rezoning

On November 22, Councilmember Hall submitted a rezoning application to rezone part of Waste Management's property from Industrial to Office.

Here's a post by Nick Leonardo explaining how that might allow WM to add a recycling center, and CM Hall's response:

There's apparently a meeting on Saturday January 8 11 AM at Word of Life Church hosted by State Senator Gilmore and Representative Dixie.

h/t Annecia Donigan for keeping CatoNeighbors updated on goings on!

Here's CM Hall's conversation with Vincent Dixie about the meeting, which was called by Dixie and Gilmore. Awkward.

Jonathan Hall's Ethics Hearing

This has been deferred until January 13. The question is whether he has violated ethical standards with respect to his very incomplete campaign finance reporting. He's not yet let us know that he's updated these reports, though he has said he intends to.

Cato Rd/ACH Rezoning

No news that I know of ATM. Know of something? Let us know!

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