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Weekend Update

Here's What's Happened In The Last Week

1. Launched

Website is (obviously) up. The key objective right now is getting the neighborhood to respond to the SurveyMonkey survey. Please ask every voter in your household to respond to the survey, and pass it on to (y)our neighbors.

2. Over 110 notices sent out

We've put paper into mailboxes in the neighborhood 110 times to let everyone now about what's going on. The email list is growing daily! Will likely canvas Cato Rd. again this weekend.

3. In touch with Mr. Hall

I've texted Councilman Hall today and am attempting to arrange a meeting with him. He's trying to get Mr. Overby and engineers in the room as well. In our text exchange this afternoon, Mr. Hall said the question had been "deferred" from the 8/26 meeting. I'm still trying to confirm. In the course of doing so, saw

4. The Planning Commission Agenda for 8/26

Below is the "Item 40" of the Planning Commission agenda for Thursday. NOTE: The Planning Staff is recommending AGAINST rezoning!!!

The Commission could still approve it anyway, and regardless of Planning Staff's recommendation, and/or the Planning Commission's vote, Councilman Hall could still introduce legislation to rezone. So we're not out of the woods yet.

Not sure as of this writing if the item will be discussed/voted on the 26th or not, but we will be there either way. Public Hearing is still "Open" so if you haven't written to yet, NOW IS THE TIME!

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